Red Lodge Broadway Flags

To the Editor,

The flags are as much a part of downtown Red Lodge as the beautiful flower baskets, which are the most beautiful ever this year. Thank you, Vivian! These flags just don't go up and replace themselves without much help. During the street repair, the street crew carefully took some down, and Skip Boyer kept them safely stored, then kindly had them put up again. We thank them for that. Without Northwestern Energy and their lift trucks, along with the cable guys, they wouldn't be able to be put up. This summer, getting the flags up was delayed due to many issues; but they will remain up longer in the fall, so they can be enjoyed. We are grateful to the volunteers who get up early and put the flags up and take them down. Some of these workers are Ken and his crew, the cable guys, Harry, Bruce, Jim, Pius and David. We want to thank Brad Hauge for the use of his building to store the flags. Thanks to all who donate money, and to Tracey at Red Lodge Area Community Development, where the money is collected and the bills are paid. Remember the Fun Run! We are always disappointed when some go missing: poles and all; and along with the weather taking its toll; we are very grateful for your donations.


John Overton Broadway Flag Committee