Red Lodge follows Bridger with Family Dollar Store

An architect's drawing of the proposed Family

Dollar Store in Red Lodge. Drawing courtesy

of O&C O'Neill and Company.

Red Lodge City Council has followed Bridger's lead and voted unanimously at Tuesday evening's council meeting to approve a Family Dollar Store at the northwest corner of Robinson Lane and Broadway. The store will cover a total area of 42,028 sq ft, with the building being 8,400 sq ft. There will be parking for 44 cars. The store will be retail with a "broad but not deep selection of merchandise" said Greg Wall, project manager of Leading Tech Development who will oversee the construction. The Planning Board had approved the business, feeling it would be compatible with the neighborhood and have minimal impact on surrounding land. The developers had also redesigned the outside of the building to be compatible with both the colors and historical nature of the town. Forrest Sanderson, Community Development Director, said the new business is the same size as Town Pump but noted that certain commercial uses have a greater impact. “A year ago it was standing room only for Town Pump, for this general retail no one came to the planning board meetings. The square footage and footprint on the ground is identical, 8,400 sq ft. Both places. You can see we don’t have torches and pitch forks outside the door this evening,” he said. Council member Bill Foisy said he wanted to see more consistency within the council and departments because even though this meeting was advertised, it was never stated it was a Family Dollar Store development, just a Leading Tech Development. Wall said the business would be “like a Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy. It will be very similar but without the pharmacy and photo department, and fragrance counter.“ He explained it will be a general retail store and not everything will be a dollar. The store will carry a broad selection of household convenient items at different price ranges. “They will carry the name brands and the Family Dollar items at discount,” he said. Wall was asked about competing with other retailers in Red Lodge. “Family Dollar Store is unique. We carry some groceries, but doesn’t consider itself in direct competition with the grocery store. It doesn’t sell gas like Town Pump. It will have some items that probably can’t be found here as easily; clothing, socks, toy selection and diapers, batteries, light blubs, but not near the depth or selection. It is meant to be a store that is convenient at reasonable prices. It’s not out to put another out of business,” he said. Family Dollar Store has been expanding into Montana. There is a store in Hardin, one in a planning phase in Bridger, and one almost complete in Dillon. The business is also building in Belgrade, Big Timber, Columbus, Anaconda, Darby and Cody. The store could be open 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily. The date of construction is to be announced. For more images please click here.


Really a crappy store

I never shop Family Dollar as they only carry cheap crap. What a waste of space..anything would be better than this. Hobby Lobby, Walgreens, KFC, Taco Bell. I'd rather have almost anything as to have a store that sells nothing but cheap plastic items.

Really a crappy store

I never shop Family Dollar as they only carry cheap crap. What a waste of space..anything would be better than this. Hobby Lobby, Walgreens, KFC, Taco Bell. I'd rather have almost anything as to have a store that sells nothing but cheap plastic items.

Blind leading the blind

Bridger has never been a leader in good land use planning in any way shape or form. The mere fact that Red Lodge follows a pattern established by Bridger in this regard should raise a red flag for the community. It is the integrity of the downtown that makes Red Lodge unique and so appreciated by tourists and residents alike. Any intrusion on that fabric of the community takes away the sense of place so vital to the Red Lodge image, and this design does just that. This is another abandonment from good standards and formÔÇŽemulating Bridger will do nothing to serve the best interests of Red Lodge.

Where is the picture of the back of the building?

I'm wondering what the back of the building will look like, since that will be the part that is visible from 212 as we all drive by. In this corridor area any new building is not allowed to have their parking lot up against the road, but rather has to "hide" it in the back. That would mean that the building will be up against the road while the fa├žade that you see in the picture will face the west bench.

I'd prefer a Wal-Mart. At least some potential future residents would see that as an amenity.

same here

I agree when I think of small towns with Family Dollar I cannot think of one that is NICE. Usually a town with Family Dollar is a run down ugly struggling town. Yea Walmart would be better by 100%.

Back of Building

The back of that building is beautiful. It will definitely look a lot better than that Montana Silver Smith Factory they wouldn't allow in town that now operates in Columbus. You know, the place that would have manufactured local products to be sold in the downtown retail businesses in Red Lodge?

It is a good thing that the Growth Policy mission statement is to keep retail business in the historical downtown area, and keep it out of the Northern Corridor. Unfortunately, locally owned, operated businesses that produce a product that is then being resold in the historic downtown (Red Lodge Ales) are the only ones being punished by lack of foresight and convoluted wording in the Growth Policy.

Another feather in the cap for the city. I hope my seething sarcasm is coming through clearly.

Plan of building

If you click on the link at the end of the article, it will take to you to various drawings and a map of the building.