Reveals the obvious

To the Editor,


The current uproar/upset with the City/County relations is being blamed on the County by Mayor Williams and PD Chief Hibler.

Self examination of the situation by Williams and Hibler would reveal the obvious. The performance of the Police Department under Williams and Hibler has created the conditions that presently exist. Blaming their failure to please the public on the County rings hollow at best.

The Mayor, by Montana Statute, is the sole authority over the Police Department. The City Council can direct the Mayor to implement their choice of policy for the PD, but does not direct the day to day operation of the PD.

The failure of Hibler to satisfy or appease the public has to be laid in the lap of both Williams and Hibler. In spite of Hibler’s statements of self aggrandizement, his inability to administer the department in a manner acceptable to the public has led to where we are today. In his defense, if he was following the guidance of Williams, his boss, he should have seen the writing on the wall showing where he was heading. Hibler claims to be a law enforcement person with considerable experience.

The continued blaming of the County for Red Lodge administrative troubles is counter productive, damaging and wrong.

Williams has to be held responsible for his action, or inaction, in this situation. His position of being the main man in the PD makes this obvious. Or did Williams throw Hibler under the bus?


Brian Roat

Red Lodge