Rewind event draws much electronic debris

Photo by Alastair Baker A volunteer sorts out the myriad of old electronics inside a horse trailer.

Wave upon wave of keyboards, computers, TVs, record players, radios and any other imaginable technological device filled with wiring, lead, mercury lights, and batteries turned up at the Rewind event at the First Interstate Bank last weekend.

In the midst of this came a horse trailer delivering tons of the pre-event pick up that had already taken place around Carbon County.

“We sent out postcards and people called in,” said Bill Foisy, one of the Rewind organizers. “There is no way some people could have done it themselves. We went to a lot of places and businesses.”

Foisy along with Bill Zander, Bob Shea, and Jack Ryan found enough stuff to commandeer a horse trailer owned by Gerald Sherman and Jael Kampfe of Roscoe, who brought it to the event.

ECS Refining was on hand to collect everything, a total of 28 pallets full of approximately 21,000 lbs. of material, and take it to their California plant for shredding and separating. Overseeing the operation was Thomas Hogye, ECS Refining director.

“We will be heading to our plant in Stockton, California, and sort through all this. Each material type goes through a different processing station,” he said.

Sorting also includes by hand, looking for batteries.

“Everything is recycled, some material gets used as a fuel source, energy, “ he said. “Some plastics can’t be liberated from the metal fractions so as the metal goes to its respective refinery, some materials are used as a fuel source.”

Th e c omp a n y g o e s through ½ million lbs of recycled material a day.

Erik Little of Collective Recyclers, Laurel, called ECS Refining to come here.

“We are their collectors in Montana, “ said Little.

In Rewind’s first year 14,866 lbs was collected, last year 23,500 lbs.

“It went very smoothly this year,” said Gwen Williams, a Rewind organizer.

As for the load to take back to California, Hogye said it was “awesome.”