Rockstar Angel Foundation sets goals to help others

Rockstar Angel Foundation began their first successful start to raising money for charities, causes and families at the Joliet Community Center on June 7- 8.

The Foundation is in memory of Jessica Stephenson who tragically passed away on Dec. 21, 2013 and was created by her family and friends on Feb. 22, 2014 at a family gathering celebration.

The purpose behind this foundation is “to make something positive out of such an unnecessary tragedy.”

“This is something that keeps Jessi close, to keep her memory alive and to do good things for other people in her name,” said Jen Wickham, Jessi’s cousin, and members of the Stephenson family.

Wickham, one of the creators of Rockstar Angel had much to say about this foundation in memory of Jessi.

This foundation will give donations to charities, causes, and families in Jessi’s name because of the “special gift she had for helping those in need,” explained Wickham.

Where the donations for will go has not been decided at this time but could be “a family in the community that just needs a little help to get back on their feet and it will be for something that Jessi would support,” said Wickham. “It will definitely be a decision made by the Stephenson family.”

The money raised will be donated on Dec. 21 of each year to the cause, charity or family.

This weekend’s sale, auction and donations that were sent to Rockstar Angel was much larger that the estimated goal.

“This will most likely be the only event this year because of paperwork and also because we blew our goal out of the water for the weekend. We will be making a very good donation that I think will make a difference for a couple different families or organization. In one weekend we made our goal for a year!” said Wickham.

2015 looks like there could be a “barn dance with dinner and a silent action items,” believed Wickham. “Come and dance the night away. There will be smaller events in between and T-shirts will still be on sale online. Feel free to contact the foundation for suggestions of a charity or a family or even to get involved.”

You can find Rockstar Angel Foundation on Facebook for more information.