Snow More!

Red Lodge not near snow records but potential is there
Photo by Eleanor Guerrero Snow continues to pile up around West Bench and all of Carbon County on Tuesday, Feb. 25.

The good news for all those who routinely suffer from winter blues (and new initiates this long, snowy winter) is that Red Lodge is nowhere near to breaking its record for snowfalls. “Red Lodge is currently at 121.7 inches and the record stands at 271.7 inches in 1983,” said National Weather Service Meteorologist Joe Lester, Billings, on Tuesday, Feb. 25. The bad news is, “There could still be potentially big events in the spring because of the proximity to the mountains.” Looking at Red Lodge history, he reported, “In April, 2008, there were 49 inches alone. Last year, in April, there were 31 inches.” Billings, on the other hand, looks like it may break its record. It has had 81.5 inches this season. The record in the area is 98.7. Billings is already 13th in the nation, according to (which rates cities over 100,000 by the most snowfall), as of Feb. 25. It moved down from 9th, earlier this week. But don’t despair, Billings. Regarding breaking its record this season, Lester said, “All Billings needs is average snowfall from now on and it should do it.” As for Red Lodge? “We could do 200 inches this season.”   Lester provided a happy prediction for airborne, powder loving skiers and snowboarders as well as a depressing one for all who have to dig out: “We’re a long way from being done!”