So grateful for friendships

To the Editor,

On Tuesday evening, Aug. 20, with the wind and the Rock Creek Fire blowing in our direction, we voluntarily evacuated our cabin south of Red Lodge.  For the third time – the first two because of snowstorms – Tom and Carolyn Flaherty welcomed us, and our two cats, into their home.  In most households the cats would be relegated to the garage.  In the cat-loving Flaherty household they are pampered with their own guest bedroom and provided periodic run of the house while Flahertys’ cats are locked up temporarily in the master bedroom.  No wonder our cats meowed their complaints when we returned to Helena on Friday, Aug. 23. 

Stories abound in Red Lodge of its residents taking in both friends and strangers when Mother Nature threatens.  Thank you, Tom and Carolyn and others who rescue displaced persons.  We are ever grateful to the teams of firefighters and to the citizens who work so diligently in emergency preparedness and coordination. Tom once wrote a Carbon County News column about a prediction that the world would come to an end on a certain date.  When he awoke the following day, he remarked that paradise looked a lot like Red Lodge.  Indeed.  

Denny and Sandy Zeiler