SupaMan flys in and takes Festival by storm

Photo by Alastair Baker

SupaMan performs at the 63rd Festival

of Nations.

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Crow Native American dance and hip-hop artist, SupaMan, delighted audiences with his energy and flamboyant Crow-hop style at the finale to the 63rd Annual Festival of Nations.

SupaMan, Christian Takes Gun Parrish, infuses 90s New York hip-hop with the rich tapestry of his own Apsaalooke heritage to bring a freshness to a genre that’s been around since the 1970s.

Dressed in beautiful traditional Crow Indian attire of blues and whites, SupaMan hopped to and fro, inviting audiences to participate in any way possible from highlighting individual dance routines to making up lyrics on the spot by getting people to hold up an item on their person.

Between jokes and reflections on serious youth issues, he ably stirred up the crowd and produced one of the most exciting finales to the Festival event for some time.

The Festival was clearly popular, witnessing some of its biggest attendance in many years over the weekend, with an estimated 500 plus crowd coming to sample ethnic cultures at the grounds around Sam’s Taproom, north of Red Lodge.

The event began last Friday night at the Beartooth Elk's Lodge with displays of ethnic music and dancing, and a sampling of food from around the World.

Festival participants went to every bar in town afterwards to advertise the Saturday schedule and were greeted with a raucous welcome everywhere.

On Saturday visitors were delighted by music from Germany, dancing from Scandinavia, the Billings Caledonian bagpipes and drums, Morris dancers, Celtic Fusion, the Munirah Belly Dancers and Irish folk.