Thank a Volunteer

Thank a Volunteer

To the Editor,

At 9 p.m., Saturday, March 8, I received a call from the Bridger Police Department (as did other owners in danger on Main St.) that the Sand Creek canal was overflowing on to Main St., Bridger. Having experienced this 3 other times as a property owner on Main St., I imagined the thousands of dollars of damage as in the past. When I got to my business within a few minutes of the call, volunteers were showing up this time of night in massive numbers. Thanks to the fact that our County Commissioner responded and had the knowledge to operate heavy equipment, in no time we had sand, sandbags and fill dirt. The Town of Bridger showed up with equipment and fill dirt. As I looked around I could not believe the volunteers working together where needed. We had people filling the sandbags from Police Officer, The Belfry Fire Dept., Bridger Fire Dept., EMTS, Bridger Councilmen, owners of Bridger business and just kind neighbors from Bridger, Belfry and Fromberg. The Carbon County Sheriff’s Dept. monitored as well as the DES. Every volunteer was as important and worked together to great to stop what could have been a major destruction to the Town of Bridger! I Thank All of You! Without all the volunteers of this county our quality of life would not be the same. Please take time and Thank a Volunteer! Thank you.

Gary Jacobson

Main St. Business Owner