Thanking the emergency services

To the Editor,

On the morning of Feb. 16, I was checking out what cows had calved out during the night.  I saw a newborn calf on the other side of the electric fence.  At the same time I saw its mother heading toward me.  Before I had a chance to get away, she knocked me to the ground and started attacking me.  I managed to crawl to some nearby trees until my husband came out and called 911. Kelly Carrington from the County Sheriff's Dept. was the first to arrive.

 He had a neck brace available should I have needed it.  Mainly, he kept me company.  He was one of my former students, so we had some common ground.  Then the ambulance arrived. Gary Hart and Kirsten Sweet were very knowledgeable and competent in navigating me across the muck and into the ambulance.  They managed to get me out of my filthy clothes and into a warm sleeping bag, cleaning me up and drove me quickly to Billings Clinic.   I will be forever in debt to the Clarks Fork Ambulance and Carbon County Sheriff's Department!  Thank you for being there for us!

Laura Gary