Thanking Fromberg


To the Editor:
We would like to thank the Fromberg Community for passing the bond issue which will allow our school to install a more efficient, updated heating system.  The current heating system has caused many distractions in the classrooms throughout the years due to noise, water damage, and lack of consistency in effectively heating the rooms.  The fact that you voted to approve this new system clearly shows that our community as a whole believes in The Fromberg School System and the importance of maintaining our buildings so that we can continue to effectively provide a quality education for our students.  Thank you again for helping our students to continue to achieve.
Deb Hayes, Sue McQuillan,  Chris Thelen,  Colleen Ward,  Tonya Hagel,  Jackie Jessen,  Tammy Schalla, Mike Hunsaker,  Lori Vogele,  Gayle Kallevig,  Terri Harris,  Jim Goltz,  Mike McKay,  Kate Warner-Combs, Lisa Yedlicka,  Melody Kilwine,  Breanna Todd,  Sharon Harris,  Carla Grewell.