Thanksgiving Drama

Photo by Lizzie Blumenthal Bridger 3rd and 4th grade students perform their Thanksgiving play, “The Turkeys go on Strike.”

Bridger’s 3rd and 4th grade classes had audiences smiling with their performance of “The Turkeys go on Strike” play and musical. On Thurs. Nov. 21, the students dressed as different Thanksgiving staples including: turkeys, pilgrims, squash, football players and cranberry sauce, and sang a light-hearted, yet insightful Thanksgiving story. When the turkeys decide to go on strike, the holiday and the traditions that coincide suddenly fall into disarray. The students sang about having no football game and the cranberry characters voiced concerns about becoming the main dish. After each character sang about their individual issue, the whole group finally realizes the true meaning of Thanksgiving and importance of giving thanks. Finishing the play, the group sang, “It’s not about turkey, it’s not about Thursday or playing ball. They call it Thanksgiving because it’s thanks we are giving to all.”