They’re here! Cycle Greater Yellowstone arrives

Photo by Eleanor Guerrero Shay Lee is on site 24/7 at the Rodeo grounds to stand watch over vehicles and bicycles during the entire 8 days of the event.

On Friday, August 16, Phase one of the Cycle Greater Yellowstone event occurred with the wave of participants who wanted to drop of their vehicles so they could drive home at the final leg next week, came to town. Many were running around Red Lodge with friends and families already, having their pictures taken downtown and exploring the shops. It was a good omen for the expected total of 700 participants and their friends and families to visit next week when the event ends at Red Lodge. Already 50 bikes were dismantled and loaded on a truck at Red Lodge Rodeo grounds to be shipped to the first town on the tour, West Yellowstone, by Dave Doemland of High Country Shipping.

“We expect 250 more tomorrow,” he said. They will be parking at the Rodeo grounds and in town depending upon whether they will be camping or made arrangements at the hotels at which they will be staying in Red Lodge. Doemland said they will stay with the whole tour moving bikes and baggage. Once the bikes are transported, there will be mechanics on hand in West Yellowstone ready to put the bikes back together. Shay Lee of Montana Cycling of Billings was tapped to stay on site and watch the vehicles starting Friday through the entire 8 days. “I had the time so I said I’d do it,” he said rising from his hammock hung in the cool shade of nearby aspens alongside a bubbling stream. The route began in West Yellowstone on Sunday, Aug. 18, with overnight stops in Ennis (Aug. 19) and Gardiner (Aug. 20), Pilot Creek, WYO (August 21) and Cody (Aug. 22). It concludes with two nights in Red Lodge (Aug. 23 and 24), the latter day including a spectacular ride up the Beartooth Pass.

The event was created by the Greater Yellowstone Coalition (GYC) to provide a world class adventure in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and to foster meaningful relationships between cyclists, communities and GYC. There will be many events culminating in Red Lodge such as free concerts, and street dances. Follow the ride on: