Top 20 Police Blotter

The following list is considered the most
popular of the police blotter call-outs in
the last year. These Top 20 moments begin
in descending order, culminating in the
grand winner! Enjoy.
20) Two callers have reported a Jeep all over the
highway. The driver then pulled over and exited the
vehicle, pulled down his pants, fell into the snow
and urinated.

19) Activity reported of multiple people with buckets
taking things off the railroad near Silesia.
18) Caller wants to know if someone with a permit
to kill the turkeys in town can shoot with a bow
and arrow.
17) A motorcyclists at the Edgar turnoff says a rock
from a truck hit his hand, he has a light bruise.
16) Bunch of kids being really loud in Lions Park.
Caller believes they might be playing basketball
but since it is dark, he would like them to be quiet.
Red Lodge officer spoke to the senior class. They
are playing ‘Red Rover, Red Rover.’ They have
agreed to whisper it.
15) It is going to be a cold day, caller may start
spring skiing, caller does not have supplemental
insurance, caller does not think there will be any
fires anytime soon and caller’s computer is broken.
14) Caller wanted to know if the city council meeting
was last night? Caller will call the new mayor
to find out when the next one is. Caller will also be
having Thanksgiving with a friend.
13) Caller in Red Lodge requests to speak to
someone about possibly having caller’s driveway
relocated as caller is continuously, almost, getting
hit by cars when pulling off the highway onto driveway.
12) A band playing in the Joliet cemetery and it is
very loud. Joliet Officer adv the band is shooting a
music video and they have permission from the
caretaker of the cemetery.
11) Two women in Bridger having an argument
about their dogs, one’s dog keeps impregnating
the other’s dog.
10) Red Lodge caller requested officer contact or
go see her in regards to a problem she is having
with her computer.
9) A male, wearing only a towel, is behind a Red
Lodge business by a soda machine.
8) Caller in Roberts reports some items taken earlier
in the year. Forgot about reporting it until today.
7) Caller reports a man came into their store and
threw a bar of soap at them. He has left the store.
6) A male walking down Broadway is disrupting
traffic wearing an orange shirt, black vest and
black cap.
5) A male is standing on the side of Highway 212
waving his hat.
4) Complaint, someone is lying in the bushes with
no socks on.
3) Man in lobby of Red Lodge hotel has locked
himself out of his room. He doesn’t know the last
name of his friend staying with him.
2) Vandalism call in Red Lodge. Two whitetail deer
are destroying some of the flowers that were planted
in front of the business.
And the winner is:
1) Female called 911 for assistance because she
did not have any diapers and there was no way to
call her dad. Dispatch attempted to call her dad
but got no answer. Caller advised to find something