Unfair decision

To the Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to refute the Carbon County Commissioner’s statement printed in the News May 24, to educate the local community regarding the decisions made by them.

The Commissioners opted to offer a contract to an out-of-state contractor instead of a local sand and gravel company who had been doing the county gravel crushing for over 20 years and offered to complete the job for $20,000 less. The Commissioners decision has cost the community local jobs and more expense for the taxpayers.

The Commissioner's stated the decision was determined by the fact that the local company did not complete last year’s contract within the stated time frame when the facts were it was delayed because a second site was not prepared to commence crushing. The Commissioners also said the sand and gravel company left the pit floor unleveled when in fact Commissioner John Grewell adamantly requested all remaining gravel on the pit floor.

The Commission was informed that this would result in uneven flooring once the job was completed and insisted the jobbe completed per his specific request regardless of uneven flooring once completed. I also spoke to the landowner of the stated gravel site and was assured by the owner that he was completely satisfied with the condition of the gravel site and had no complaint to my company. In conclusion why would our local Commissioners opt to remove work from ourcommunity?

Their decision has caused local community members to lose their jobs and increased the cost burden for taxpayers. This is a local company owned and run by a 40 year resident of Carbon County that employs Carbon County local workers. There is no justification for the Commissioners to send work to an out-of-state company, which negatively affects the community they are meant to represent.

Russ Purcell Red Lodge