Unfortunate visit

To the Editor,
In the April 11 issue of the Carbon County News, Mr. Monea wrote a letter and complained about receiving a parking ticket for parking “only a few feet into the yellow area” at 11th and Broadway.
I find in the police report (and very clear photo) that his vehicle was 2/3 of its length into the yellow and parked over 18 inches from the curb, both violations of Montana statute. He was only cited for the yellow zone violation.
It is indeed unfortunate that visitors to Red Lodge are offended when they are held to the same rules that our residents live by. It is even worse when they portray their innocence, very much colored in their favor, in a letter to the newspaper.
Fortunately, Red Lodge Police officers are very thorough even in minor issues like parking violations. The photo of the offense in the case leaves no room for debate as to the truth. Mr. Monea owes Red Lodge an apology.

Brian Roat
Red Lodge