Photo by Alastair Baker

On Tuesday, Aug. 26, the Carbon County Commissioners met with the public at their office in Red Lodge to discuss updates on the West Fork Rock Creek Road project south of Red Lodge.

Greg Gifford, Western Federal Lands Highway Division Project Manager, said there weren’t a lot of big things going on but a lot of small details.

Seventy percent of the redesign has been completed. The road from Highway 212 to Ski Run road will have 30 foot roadway and four foot shoulders.

There was a general discussion of traffic while the project is ongoing. Gifford said they could have periods of no traffic with set times for travel with pilot cars leading or a flag man with indefinite travel periods based upon construction.

He said having planned travel times and restricted periods worked well at other projects. Longer periods of restricted travel would speed construction. “A half hour closure is better than a fifteen minute one; a two hour closure is better than a half hour closure; a four hour is better than a two hour. It’s exponentially better-it’s just a matter of how long you want to stretch out construction to how long you want to wait to get out.”

Rights of way were still being negotiated. Several people complained that they had not been contacted and Commissioner John Prinkki assured them they would “come and visit with them” about the possible use of rights of way across their properties.

Current schedule:

August, 2014: Plan expected to be “in hand” ahead of schedule.

December, 2014: Final Design deadline (100 percent complete) Right of Ways: Negotiations to be completed this fall, 2014

Pre-Adver t i sement Project: September, 2014. (Gifford said contractors prefer seeing the site before it snows.) Advertise the Project: February, 2015

Construction Project: Spring, 2015 to Fall, 2016. Gifford said it will probably be a two year project with this schedule repeated. WEST FORK ROAD UPDATE Joliet Food Bank seeks meats and garden produce The road from Highway 212