Winter Carnival a chilly, fun affair

Photo by Paul Otsu This magnificent fireworks display, during the evening of the Red Lodge Mountain Winter Carnival, was taken from the top of Miami Beach ridge.

Despite sub-below freezing temperatures, the Winter Carnival at Red Lodge Mountain (RLM) powered through. Hearty Montanans embraced the cold to celebrate winter with the cardboard classic race and other fun festivities.
“I’m pretty impressed with how many people showed up with the conditions as they were,” said Paul Otsu, RLM events and media coordinator.
Although the torchlight parade was cancelled for safety reasons, the celebrations continued with music by “Tom Catmull and the Clerics” and ended with a bang as the fireworks show created a spectacle of light.
With Olympic Gold as the theme for this year, there was no shortage of creativity. 46 unique crafts registered for the race. They were bright, some sturdier than others, but overall quite the sight.
Some participants ignored the cold and dressed to impress. One team of men dressed as figure skaters, wore stretchy, bright leotards, wigs and one even had peacock feathers Velcroed to his rear end.
Like every year, there was no lack of cardboard carnage either. Although RLM workers continuously warned groups to break immediately after crossing the finish line, those speedy crafts could not avoid hitting something. Luckily, there were no injuries and everyone had a good time and got a great parking spot due to fewer crowds.