Within reason

Last year my son, whom is a responsible, great grades, attendance, etc, had his locker sniffed by a dog based on his aquaintances and his choice for longer hair. I was not notified at all by the school. I am all for ensuring our students and children are not participating in illegal drug activity, however there is no mention of notifying parents before this drug testing takes place on my minor child.

As for the cell phone privileges including after school activities, I have an issue as a parent. I buy my child’s cell phone for the purpose of being able to get in contact with him at ALL times. He will no longer be able to participate in after school activities even as a spectator if I am not able to contact him in an emergency or for the purpose of getting hold of my child. As a parent, I need to be able to contact my son regardless of where he is.


Shelly Heil

Red Lodge