Looking Back 12.07.17

November 1918
Forbidden Houses Permanently Closed. Orders made and signed by District Court Judge A. C. Spencer provide that the so called restricted district of this city must remain closed and the two houses involved are not to be opened or used for any purpose within a year. The cases came up under the law governing public nuisances and were in the nature of abatement proceedings. Two suits are involved-one entitled State of Montana against Pearl Petrea and the other, State of Montana against Lola Hannula.
Goody Grocer: Fancy Honey Combs: per comb: 35 cents; New lemon peels, orange peels: 40 cents/lb.; New sweet potatoes: 10 cents/lb., extra fancy cauliflower: 30 cents/lb.; pint ripe olives: 40 cents; pint of Queen olives: 25 cents.

November 1938
F.L. Purcell, a Carbon County farmer, made the first Montana entries for the 1938 International Grain and Hay Show in Chicago from Nov. 26-Dec. 3. He will exhibit samples of Navy and Great Northern Beans harvested this year on his farm.
Roman Theater: “I am the Law” starring Edward G. Robinson.

November 1958
Reservoir Fish Poisoned. Truckloads of rough fish to be used for fertilizer and mink feed have been gathered from Cooney Reservoir last week to improve your fishing. Montana Fish and Game poisoned the water in the reservoir and tributary streams with chemicals to kill lake fish, many of which sank to the bottom. They are not toxic to humans. They plan to plant half million rainbow trout next spring and more in the tributaries from the Bluewater Hatchery near Fromberg. Five years ago there was good fishing but the roughy returned. However, a canal from East Rosebud will permit the suckers to get to the reservoir. The biggest hazard is fishermen who use minnows. If they refrain, it will promote a year of good fishing.
Roman Theater: “Quantrill’s Raiders” starring Steve Cochran and Diane Brewster. “Light in the Forest” starring Fess Parker, Jessica Tandy, Wendell Corey and Joanne Drew.


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