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01/20/2022 - 12:58pm
The Montana Public Service Commission is warning ratepayers about a phone scam targeting Montanans by alleging they have a faulty or dangerous meter and threatening to shut off power unless the resident makes an immediate payment. This is a scam by...
01/20/2022 - 12:57pm
COVID-19 cases are again spiking going up to 3,924 new COVID cases statewide on Tuesday, Jan. 18, as reported by the CDC/State, up 1,747 from the day before. There were 35 new cases in Carbon; ten cases were minors: F 40-49, M 10-19, M 40-49, M 10-...


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, Bridger's Katelyn Sweet fends off a Reed Point-Rapejle player.

01/20/2022 - 2:34pm
By Alastair BakerNews Editor Bridger outscored Reed Point-Rapelje by 3 to win 27-24 last week. The Lady Renegades swamped the Scouts for much of the first half, taking the 1st set 10-4 and going in at the half 4 points up. The 3rd quarter saw both...


01/20/2022 - 1:33pm
To the Editor,The Constitution states that "The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter...
01/20/2022 - 1:31pm
To the Editor,I’ve missed the noon siren. I appreciate the new Mayor resurrecting the tradition.  Bill BarnesRed Lodge


01/20/2022 - 2:07pm
Montana State University has announced its undergraduate honor rolls for fall semester 2021.There are two MSU honor roll lists: the President's List and the Dean's List. To be eligible for the lists, students must be enrolled in at least 12...
01/20/2022 - 1:59pm
Did you know that some of the most amazing suggestions, inventions, and speeches were made by children, teenagers, and young adults? Grace Bedell was 11 years old when she wrote President-elect Abraham Lincoln a few weeks before the 1860 election...


01/20/2022 - 1:02pm
George Kroll, Dr. Charles Thomas Hash, Sr., Ursula B. Kostal, Norma Jane Beug (Rose), Kathryn Alice Hodges Keebler, Tod Morrison (McBride), Pearl Irene Winters Osborne, Alma (Giest) Murphey, Dale C. Olson, Stanley Risvold, Sidney Ann Reinhardt, Burt...

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