‘IF’ Is The Word

Thursday, November 8, 2018

To the Editor,

In regards to the wildlife being killed on our highways and most recently the slaughter of the bear sow and her cub last Friday night.

I hear so much…IF the fish-n-game would relocate them, IF people wouldn’t feed them, etc., etc.  Why should the animals be relocated? This is their home also. What should people do, cut down their fruit trees? Wildlife eats fruit.

Where are the animals supposed to go? We the people keep building further into their territory.

The truth is IF people would slow down on our highways and use common sense, there would be a lot fewer animals killed.

70 miles per hour is too fast on secondary roads let alone 75 and 80 as I have witnessed. 

I support lowering the speed limit to 45 on Highway 212 from the north edge of Red Lodge to mile marker 73 and having it heavily enforced to save wildlife, pets and even human lives.


Marilyn Fugere

Red Lodge