“Drive and Rodeo” a “Thing” in Joliet

Eleanor Guerrero
CCN Senior Reporter
Thursday, June 25, 2020
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“Drive and Rodeo” allows you to see an action packed rodeo from the comfort and safety of your vehicle in Joliet.All photos by Colleen Kilbane

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At Sankey’s Ranch in Joliet, there is now a weekly “Sankey’s Drive and Rodeo” being held. You drive your car and stay inside or tailgate to attend. From 100-200 people attended on Saturday, June 20, at the ranch located at 549 Upper Elbow Road off Highway 212.
Says Colleen Kilbane, “This is a true hidden gem! They are having Rodeo’s every weekend this summer, Saturdays at 6 and Sundays at 2. They are drawing some of the top Cowboys!”
Kilbane sees it as a safe solution to getting out this summer. “It is a fantastic family activity and it’s only just outside of Joliet. It is a true ranch rodeo!”
The event is put on all summer long by Sankey Pro Rodeo. Run by Wade Sankey and his sister Ryan, who normally provide the rough stock horses for the region, this time they are giving many cowboys who would be out of work a chance to compete. The cowboys, about 20 of them, appeared thrilled to be there.
Wade said, “We wanted to provide some entertainment for the community and make ends meet. This is what we do! How we make a livelihood. How we survive! It’s how we feed our livestock and make ends meet!” Almost “90 percent” of rodeos he had scheduled have been cancelled. Sankey’s Drive and Rodeo is providing 20 horses each day they compete.
There is the 212 Bar, a food truck, and even an announcer and live music.
Many families could be seen having a great time. They were social distancing, staying with their vehicles, some had chairs set up nearby and picnics on the tailgate.
There was a range of activities, including a “short dog race” where short dogs like Corgis competed.
Wade noted, “We could use sme more attendance and always some more sponsors!”
Kilbane said, “I tell you it is fantastic! And I don’t think a lot of people know about it.”
For more information contact: (307) 899-4285. Sankey's Drive and Rodeo isheld weekly at ranch located at 549 Upper Elbow Road off Highway 212.