• LOOKING BACK • 10.26.17

October 1918

Booked for Germany. Carbon County lad writes brother he is bound for Berlin. On the eve of his departure from England for France, Private Coral Marsh of the American Expeditionary Forces, writes his brother Lloyd Marsh of Roberts, he will soon be in Germany and will make Berlin part of his engagement in that country. A few extracts from the letter are typical of the unquenchable spirit of the American Army. “Everyone seems pleased and it’s perfectly agreeable with me and will be a change of scenery anyhow. I have to travel so much a place soon gets stale and I want to move. We will move into Germany. I don’t know for sure but I think Berlin. We are figuring on showing in principal cities only. ‘Tis bad traveling in those parts in winter months and for a wagon show it’s hard to have the parade exactly on time everyday. We figure the “clown prince” will be the biggest attraction and we’re going to feature him daily. “Old Hundy” has stretched a line across the border and has declared “no admittance” but we are booked for there this season and, by gosh, we’re going to show.”
October 1938

Princetonians hold Sunday picnic. A picnic shared by nearly 40 Princetonians, former residents of Princeton, Minnesota, was held at Parkside Camp on the Red Lodge HIGHRoad, 15 miles south of the city.
Roman Theater: Tropic Holiday: Dorothy Lamour, Martha Raye, Ray Milland and The Lone Ranger

October 1958

Sawyer: Italian prunes: $3.69; ½ bushel of Concord grapes: 55 cents; 2 large cans Underwood Deviled Hams: 75 cents; Hershey Chocolate chips: 2 12 oz.: 95 cents; 2 Qt. Welchade: 65 cents
New library books described. Six new books at the Red Lodge Public Library are described by Mrs. E. M. Adams, Librarian.
Charles M. Russell Book by Harold McCracken is the biggest and best of all the collection of works of Montana’s famous artist. It contains 35 full color paintings many double spreads and over 180 drawings; Master of Deceit by J. Edgar Hoover, explains the startling facts about Communism-what it is, now it works and the real danger it poses and what loyal Americans must do to protect their freedoms; Who’s Who in America, A Death in the Family-a James Agee 1958 Pulitzer Prize Novel; Around the World with Auntie Mame by Patrick Dennis and Momma’s Boarding House by John D. Fitzgerald-a humorous chronicle of life in the Utah Territory-a sequel to the popular “Papa Married a Mormon.”

October 1958

Buck Attacks Fromberg Girl
A deer attacked Mr. Eva Holwegner and her granddaughter in the yard at the John Horst, Jr. ranch home last Saturday afternoon. The Sheriff and Game Warden were called to handle the situation. Sheriff Otto S. Ford said the animal charged the girl, slightly injuring her and the grandmother intervened. The sheriff kept the animal away until the Warden came and killed it. It is not known if it had rabies. The animal had been a nuisance for some days. He got his antlers entangled in a rope swing but managed to get out.
Sawyer 6 10 oz. pkg frozen corn: 83 cents; 3 10 oz. can strawberry preserves: 65 cents; Pennywise Wieners: 45 cents/ lb.; Kix Jets: 3 pkg.: 79 cents; 6 cans Gerber’s Baby Food: 55 cents.


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