406 Country Gifts gets a Grand Opening

Alastair Baker
News Editor
Thursday, October 17, 2019
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Photos by Alastair Baker
The owners of 406 Country Gifts left to right, Toni Atkins, Flo McMasters and Kathie Riley.

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David Thompson looks at some of the items available at 406 Country Gifts. He was pleased to see the store on Main Street and how many people were buying items.

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Some of the items on sale at 406 Country Gifts in Joliet.

It was a grand opening indeed for the 406 Country Gifts Store when it held it's Grand Opening Oct. 12 in Joliet. The place was packed out with customers and many items had already been bought. 

“We’ve already had a lot of sales. We’re really excited,” said Flo McMasters, one of the owners along with Kathie Riley and Toni Atkins.

“A lot of stuff has gone,” said Atkins. 

The impression Flo got from the customers is “They are happy this is here when they are shopping for Christmas and Thanksgiving and birthdays.”

406 Country Gifts, located right on Main Street, is an Aladdin’s Cave of merriment with folk country home-crafted jewelry, wood pieces, paintings, photography, re-purposed furniture, kitchen items, shoulder bags, t-shirts, soaps, lotions, ceramics, wooden signs, coasters, and jams.  And plenty of Holiday items.

The content will feature work from as many local artists as possible such as Laurel Ovitt, Susan Wolfe, John Fischer and Flo McMasters to name but a few. 

Prices range across the board to allow the items to be available for everyone. 

The store came about as “a collaboration between old friends” said Dave McMasters. 

Flo said, “We always do different sales but wanted to have a business in Joliet-not only with our own stuff but consignment, too.”

“The $64 Dollar question for the last 37 years we’ve lived in Joliet,” said Dave, “is what is a viable business in downtown Joliet and it is a tough one to answer. There have been many businesses come and go.”

406 Country Gifts appears to have found the answer.

406 Country Gifts opening hours are Tuesday-Friday 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Saturday 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Contact information Flo McMasters (406) 962-3412, Toni Atkins (406) 962-3301, Kathie Riley (406) 780-0703.