An Astute Young Man

Thursday, October 17, 2019

To the Editor,

I have had the privilege of knowing Forrest Mandeville for 25 years. I have found him to be an astute young man who has long had an avid interest in politics and learning all he could about our government system.  

Forrest graduated High School and went on to College. Unlike many young people, he chose to return to Columbus.  

He went to work for Stillwater County in the Planning Office.  

I had the privilege of working with and for Forrest filling in at the Planning office. I found Forrest pleasant to work with, dedicated to doing a good job, always making himself available when someone came in with a question.  

Through the years I have found Forrest to be a very level headed young man not prone to rushing forward but finding out the facts and studying them before making a decision.  

Forrest found the right partner, Rebekah to walk along side of him they have 3 young children that are delightful, full of energy and curious. I teach two of them in Sunday School and they are as unique and fun as their parents.    

My observations come over a long while and few candidates have I seen as closely as I have with Forrest. He has the energy and has gained experience in his service already in the Montana Legislature. 

I heartily support Forrest to be Secretary of State.  

It is a pleasure to know first hand how and where a candidate stands.  

We do not often enough have this privilege when we go to vote. We make the best choices we can based upon what information we read. When the time to vote comes know that there are some fine honest candidates seeking office, Forrest is one of them.


Gwen Aubrey



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