The Autumn Walkabout Mining Coal: Mining Creativity

Schyler Allyn 
Hometown Humanities RLACF Event Coordinator 
Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Autumn Walkabout is the capstone event to conclude the Humanities Montana program ‘Hometown Humanities’ that brought a year’s worth of humanities-based programming to Red Lodge, the Autumn Walkabout will take place Sept. 14. 

The vision from the multiple organizations involved in this project, which include the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation, Red Lodge Chamber of Commerce, Carbon County Arts Guild, the Carbon County Museum, Red Lodge School of dance, and Red Lodge Hospitality, and Red Lodge Theatre Group is to bring the community and visitors together for a weekend event, right before the end of the summer season. The Autumn Walkabout will provide opportunities for local businesses and restaurants during the start of the shoulder season. The hope is to continue this event annually and make it a tradition. 

Neil Carlson, the Marketing Director for Red Lodge Hospitality has this to say about the event: “Humanities Montana’s Autumn Walkabout is a phenomenal idea and wonderful opportunity to learn about, share, and partake in the charming humble culture and diverse history of our beloved town. 

“From Riding in old methods of transportations: horse-drawn carriages and historic Yellowstone Buses, touring 100-year-old buildings, and watching reminiscent dance and theater performances, you’ll feel like you’re connected to Red Lodge’s history and a part of its story that continues to write itself into Montana’s future.” 

 The day will start at noon with a scavenger hunt, leading people from business to business for a couple of hours to learn more about the history of Red Lodge. The day culminates at the Roosevelt Center with the main event; a play put on by Red Lodge Theatre Company, called Mining Coal: Mining Creativity. This play details the history of Red Lodge, past and present. It will start around 5 p.m. and end at about 6:15 p.m. The day will conclude with participants enjoying their favorite restaurants. 

Sam Dwyer of Humanities Montana had this to say about the event “The Hometown Humanities Capstone event is going to be a spectacular high point of our time in Red Lodge. The local community has been enthusiastically supporting humanities programs for over a year and we are excited about celebrating history, diversity, and creativity in this fun, hometown festival. I couldn’t be happier with these programs and am looking forward to continuing to serve Red Lodge long into the future.” 

Nineteen Red Lodge Businesses are participating so if your business would like to participate please contact event coordinator Schyler Allyn at or call (307) 413-5818.