Baretooth Cupboards only accepting phone orders

Friday, March 27, 2020


Call 406-446-1255


At BareTooth Cupboards, we believe the safety of our volunteers and customers is of utmost priority. Because of the coronavirus and to help ensure that safety, we are now accepting “phone in” orders only. No customers will be allowed in the store.


Customers can call us their orders in advance or they can call when they’re at the store. If they call at the store, they need to stay in their car until their order is ready or else maintain at least a 6-10’ distance from other customers. Our volunteers will be on hand during regular store hours to fill the orders.


Once a volunteer takes the customer’s order over the phone, they will prepare the order, place all items in fresh plastic bags with twist ties labeled with the customer’s name, the date, and the time of pickup. They will then place the order on the bench outside the store at the scheduled pick up time. Fresh and frozen items will be added last, immediately prior to customer’s scheduled pick up.


Again, all customers need to either remain in their car while waiting for an order or else remain at least 6-10 feet apart from other customers. For the convenience of our customers, the BareTooth Cupboards Customer Order Form is available for download from our Facebook page (Red Lodge BareTooth Cupboards) or our website (


We will revisit this policy at some future point, depending on how things evolve with the coronavirus pandemic. People can follow us on Facebook for potential updates.


Huge thanks to our volunteers and donors for continuing to support us during this difficult time. “Safety First!”