Boulds, Petersen to host book signing

By Alastair Baker
Thursday, July 26, 2018
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Chef Barrie Boulds.

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Author Jean Petersen

Co authors, Jean Petersen and Red Lodge chef Barrie Boulds, will host a book signing event for ‘The Big Sky Bounty Cookbook: Local Ingredients and Rustic Recipes’ at Red Lodge Carnegie Library, July 31 from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. Arcadia  Publishing and The History Press published the book as part of their American Palate series.

Boulds lives in Red Lodge and is a third-generation Montanan and a chef of nearly thirty years, who is passionate about locallysourced and foraged foods.

Boulds grew up in a large family of eleven children.

“My dad had a huge garden in the backyard, and that’s where I first learned about sustainability and gardening. I also grew up on a Native American reservation, where it was very important to use every part of an animal,” she said.

She had a lot of Native American friends growing up, and going to their houses was always totally different than hers.

“A lot of their grandmothers would cook the meals, and so the food was usually things that could be gotten off the prairie. We didn’t eat TV dinners or macand-cheese there, so I grew up eating a lot of indigenous soups and meals,” said Boulds.

Boulds cooking career “really started in college.”

“I went to the University of North Dakota in Williston, and people would ask for me to cook for them just for fun, and from there it just kind of took off,” she said.

She later opened a catering business.

Boulds philosophy towards cooking is it “should be a passion of love and enjoyable, instead of trying to get everything perfectly right.”

“My mom wasn’t a gourmet chef, she cooked us the basics, so I didn’t really have any experience to tell me whether or not I was doing techniques correctly; I didn’t have that background of culinary skills. I was definitely a self-taught cook,” said Boulds. “It didn’t help that fine dining was confusing, and I just knew there had to be a better way. When I got introduced to Big Sky and started spending time with the people there, it was a game changer. My hope with the cookbook is that it shows that anyone can do what I’m doing, and I didn’t make it overly fancy or confusing.”

For anyone who wants to start eating or cooking locally Boulds suggests going to your local farms and farmer’s markets, and just asking, “What’s your favorite dish made from your product, and how do you prepare it?” or “What’s your favorite ingredient?”

I d also get a good book or join a food co-op in your area, and see what the natural resources are available to you,” she said.

Boulds quintessential Montana meal is Elk Tenderloin with Huckleberry Demi-Glace “because you can harvest your own elk and pick huckleberries, which are unique to Montana.”

“When I had a restaurant in West Yellowstone, that recipe was actually my biggest selling menu item. Elk is like butter on a fork when it’s prepared correctly, and tastes similar to beef tenderloin. It has a unique flavor all its own though, because elk is low in fat-content and all grass-fed. There’s nothing processed in elk because they come straight off the land,” said Boulds.

Co-author Petersen is a Colorado State University-Journalism alumni, and has been a freelance writer and weekly columnist for 12 years with Western Ag Reporter covering a host of topics. Her weekly children's column is called Life on the Ranch with Banjo. You can also find her feature articles published in Distinctly Montana magazine and Raised in the West Magazine.

Petersen’s first children's non-fiction picture book, 'Moose Shoes', was released in 2007 and her latest children’s picture book, 'Kind Soup', is coming in November 2018 with Little Lamb Books.

She lives near the Beartooth Mountains on her small farm with her husband, four children, three mice-chasing Corgi's, two horses, a bottle calf named Beatrice-who likes to go on adventures, a crippled lambwho's best friend is Beatrice, a handful of ducks and chickens, and four very lazy cats, along with any other critter who comes knocking at the door. They all give her lots of fuel for all her writing.

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