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Buckeye gets a Black Eye: wind smashes camper

Eleanor Guerrero
CCN Senior Reporter
Thursday, November 8, 2018

Courtesy Photo
On Friday night, Nov. 2, the Buckeye Bar and Garage Steakhouse in Bridger held a smashing event it never saw coming.

Carbon County residents are used to wind. It comes with the territory. But perhaps everyone has gotten a little spoiled the last two years with rather mild wind. However, on Friday night, Nov. 2, the wind came and blustered through the county. The Bridger area had its share as well as Red Lodge. 

Now the Buckeye is an old, local bar, with a long history in Bridger. It most likely has seen its share of skirmishes. Over the decades, it has been a fixture in Bridger, from old Buckeye Bob greeting cowboys parking their horses outside, to modern cowboys, parking their cycles. It can be a lively place on a weekend with the crowd drinking and enjoying the local cuisine. But on that Friday night, the event that occurred may have created a fracas there the likes of which no one has ever seen. 

Ande Cook, who was passing through that night, said she heard the gusts in the Bridger area were up to 50 mph last Friday evening. It could have been such a major wind gust that caused a camping trailer to spook and crash into the Buckeye Bar and Garage Steakhouse. 

Bridger Police Chief Mike Buechler said, “The wind was wicked that night. As far as I know there was no other report of damage anywhere in town.” But the camper from a nearby home careened down the main street ripping up a stop sign and a crosswalk sign on its way to the Buckeye Bar as if on a tear.  

According to bartender Benton Asbury who was working there that night, the bar was full with lots of music and people between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. when it happened. 

Fortunately only a neon sign suffered the most, stopping further damage to the bar. 

“If it had been a little bit lower or a little bit higher, it would have hit the building,” said Asbury. 

He said a woman came in to tell them that they had been hit by a camper and the wind ripped the door from her hand, damaging the door as well. Fortunately no one was hurt. But that may possibly the first time that the Buckeye, itself, has been given a black eye after a wild Friday night.

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