By Katy Kern

“The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”

Franklin D. Roosevelt, First Inaugural Address, 1932


While the Trump administration uses its’ divide- and- conquer strategy to keep supporters fearful and in line, Democrats, Independents, and some concerned Republicans are working hard to change the course this administration is taking.  The fact that Congress is literally owned by donors doesn’t help. Since the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision, our campaign finance system has become awash in dark money. Transparency is virtually impossible, and there is no true accountability.

Montana voters in 1912 passed the Corrupt Practices Act as a ballot initiative in reaction to the inordinate domination that rival copper mining company owners William Clark, F. Augustus Heinze and Marcus Daly  — known as the Copper Kings — had over state politics and government.  Now the entire country is run by modern copper kings like the Koch Brothers and the Mercer Family.  

Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-MT) is a solid supporter of Donald Trump.

The four democratic candidates running to unseat Rep. Greg Gianforte:

 (Note: Lynda Moss is no longer running; John Meyer just recently joined the race)

 John Heenan, candidate for US House from Montana: “In Congress, I will be a tireless fighter for working Montanans…We won't stop until we take our seat and our government back from the corporate class, the lobbyists and CEO's who currently have a stranglehold on policy in Washington. Greg Gianforte--and DC politicians like him--have proven that they would sell away our children's education, our public lands, our healthcare system, and our democracy to the highest bidder. That is what's at stake in this election.”(

Grant Kier:  Grant supports comprehensive campaign finance reform that will increase transparency, overturn Citizens United, and get excessive money out of politics and political campaigns. There is no question that Montanans have opposed corrupt billionaires from using their wealth to influence our elections for decades, and Montana leads the nation in election transparency laws. This is one of many examples where Grant believes that Montanans have great solutions that can be shared with the rest of the nation. (

Kathleen Williams: We need Montana’s sole Representative to lead by example, demonstrating the power of civil discourse and inclusive and informed policy processes. Kathleen will do just that. Throughout her work with diverse interests and sectors, passing legislation while in the minority, she is a walking, talking example of finding common ground through solutions-oriented work. ( Note:  Kathleen’s website did not include a statement on Citizens United, but when she visited Red Lodge, she shared her concern about the issue.

Jared Pettinato: Government has stopped working for citizens. It has stopped solving the nation’s problems, and in some cases, it is making those problems worse. Rich donors demand policies that benefit them at the expense of the rest of America, and politicians fall in line. Taxpayers didn’t want Congress to give $1 trillion of taxpayer dollars to rich people and corporations.(

John Meyer: Meyer says that he’s running for the U.S. House seat because he wants to protect people, forests, water and wildlife in Montana. He said he is grateful for the landscapes, opportunities and freedoms he is able to enjoy in the state. ( 

Absentee ballots for the June 5 election will be mailed out beginning May 11.

Candidates for state house and senate, Anna Drew and Betsy Scanlin respectively, are busy building their teams and getting ready to knock on doors. The election is Nov. 6.

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