Carbon County Republican Women

Pat Plowman
CCRW Secretary
Thursday, November 21, 2019
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Dr. Olszewski

Carbon County Republican Women (CCRW) met at Fort Rockvale, 11/6/19, opening with great thanks to our veterans.

President Marble introduced  Air Force veteran,  Montana State Senator and governor candidate, Dr. Al Olszewski, from Kalispell.  She quoted Senator Howard’s recommendation of Senator Olszewski, “He is not a liar.”

Dr. Olszewski is a third generation Montanan. He has traveled 30,000 miles since May 1, to nearly every county seat in Montana. “The most contentious issue,” said Senator Olszewski, “for the people I speak to is property tax.”  The greater load of state funded benefits is on the backs of property owners.  In 2013 a property tax bill opened the door for excess “creativity” in assessments.

“Remember,” said Olszewski, “ our Constitution makes us, the tax payers and voters, sovereign!”  He spoke to the benefits of limited government, and that Montanans forget, come election time, the voting records of such politicians as Jon Tester, who votes Left but swings Right just before elections.

“There are various ‘boxes’ Montanans ‘check’ instinctively,” said Dr. Olszewski, “and I am: 1. from Montana, 2.‘Ag,’ and 3. about veterans care.

Speaking of his military career, he was trained to parachute and is an orthopedic surgeon. His first career assignment was the bombing at Oklahoma City.  “I am,” says his card, “a battle-tested State Senator who fights for Montana’s elderly, disabled and babies.”

On the topic of property tax, Olszewski said, “Property taxes in Montana need a transformation.  I recommend home values be rolled back to 2010.” He recommends property taxes be based on property price. “Montana’s ‘swamp’ has found it can change the value of the mill but any increase above 2.5% to 3% should require a vote.  The process now is not transparent.”

Another problem, he noted, is the disconnect between school and property taxes.  He recommended schools be funded by natural resource development to encourage both. In effect, property tax means the government rents our property to us.

Dr. Olszewski  lamented Governor Bullock’s inability to promote Montana.  When has the governor’s actions said, “We are open for business!”?

“The swamp lobbyists want us to think the solutions are too difficult for us.” said Senator Olszewski.  “God bless President Trump who has shown us that if something is right, we just do it.” And, “God gets extraordinary results out of the most flawed people.”

Dr. Olszewski is ProLife.  He decried the welfare system enabling people to live-- but only if they work less than 25 hours. These disincentives to work are killing Montana and our country.  “We should all have the opportunity to be successful, as well as fail.”

Senator Olszewski said, “I am open to utilizing and developing all forms of energy.”  When asked about income tax versus sales tax, Olszewski pointed out the various State fees that already amount to a sales tax, 640 of them, including the bed and gas taxes.  

 “CHIP,” he said, “is a secret tax and very expensive compared to using tax exemptions for insurance payments.”

Regarding the Commissioner of Political Practices  Dr Olszewski recommends the COPP be folded into the Secretary of State office, and that prosecutions be handled by the Attorney General.

Finally, Senator Olszewski said, “Work hard, play hard, have a family and stay here!  That’s my goal for Montanans.”

When Al ran for Senate, he was shadow-banned on Facebook, so he is utilizing more traditional communication. His phone is 624-9833, website: alformontana. His Lieutenant Governor candidate, Senator Ken Bogner, former Marine of Miles City, can be reached at 624-9833.  

 Former Public Service Commissioner Brad Molnar spoke of his recent visit to China. He attended an illegal prayer meeting where a Chinese man asked what Americans thought about Trump and Pence. Brad then asked him what he thought about Trump and Pence. The Chinese man said, we are hunted and persecuted as Christians, as are Trump and Pence. We must stick together.  In the Chinese church, the government must approve sermons and some churches have the old Soviet sickle and hammer on the outside walls; cameras record attendance and no Chinese under 18 years old may attend. Missionaries are punished with huge fines and prison.

President Marble opened the business meeting. To invite new members, CCRW  discussed hosting a February membership party.

The next Politics & Eggs will be December 6, 7:30 a.m., with Senator Dave Howard on “The Death Spiral of Socialism.”  Contact Shirlee 780-0482.

The Central Committee’s next meeting is January 16, 5 p.m.  Call Ed, 606-2159.

Yellowstone Valley Christians for Life will have a float in the Billings Holiday Parade the day after Thanksgiving. The annual March for Life will be January 19.  Contact Amy, 855-3737.

Ed Halland recommended a new group at Rocky Mountain College, Young Americans for Freedom, a campus presence for the Conservative movement. CCRW will meet 1/8/20, 11 a.m., the Fort, Rockvale, with County Commissioner Scott Blain.