Submitted By Pat Plowman Ccrw Secretary Photograph Image/jpg Photo By Cynthia Marble Matt Rosendale, Montana State Auditor Candidate For U. S. Senator From Montana.

Photo by Cynthia Marble

Matt Rosendale, Montana State Auditor candidate for U. S. Senator from Montana.

Carbon County Republican Women (CCRW) held their April meeting with featured speaker, Matt Rosendale, Montana State Auditor and candidate for U. S. Senator from Montana.

Matt is a rancher, businessman and State legislator from Eastern Montana. Matt also has experience as a realtor in Maryland.

He stated his purpose in going to Helena was to reduce frivolous spending, regulations, to protect the 2nd Amendment and life issues. He has seen too many campaign promises unfulfilled. When asked by the Billings Gazette how he would address health care, his solution includes more options, not just so- called insurance. For ten years options like Medi Share were illegal in Montana and this was one of the errors Matt addressed immediately. Medi Share is now available in Montana.

Regarding the operating cost of government, Senator Tester has only increased spending every year. Matt’s record as Auditor shows and 6.3% decrease in staff and a 23% decrease in operating cost. The Auditor’s office under Matt gave the Montana budget a return of $450,000. Matt declined his pay increase and was the only state elected official to do so. In contrast, Governor Bullock took his pay increase and asked his staff to reduce their spending by 10%.

As stated, frivolous spending is a hot issue for Matt Rosendale. Federal spending is at $4.2 TRILLION and deficits increase. This must change.

Matt Rosedale said Montana is an agriculture state and he has agriculture experience. It is also an energy producing state, but not in recent years. Matt has experience in the oil and gas business since 1982. Presently, the highway to the Bakken, 316, bisects his ranch.

Auditor Rosendale shared information about his family. His wife of almost 33 years is Jean. They have three sons, one of them, Adam, a State Representative from Billings. Adam is moving to Great Falls and will run for State Senate there.

Matt said, “I am 100% Pro-Life, have attended Pro-Life marches in 2013. He sees many problems in U.S. society that would be addressed by a culture of life. Support for the many women’s clinics, like LaVie in Billings, is important as they exist without public spending as opposed to Planned Parenthood. Members were asked to contact legislators and oppose the recent Omnibus Bill return of funding for Planned Parenthood abortion centers.

Regarding a culture of Life, one present stated the problem is “kids killing kids.” Matt related that to the breakdown of the family.

A question was as to the Auditor’s office should Matt Rosendale win. The Governor would appoint someone, a Democrat, for that position who would then sit on the Land Board for 20 months. Matt feels he is the one who can defeat John Tester as he has support and infrastructure for campaigns across the state. His reported name identification is 80% and his unfavorables only 14%. Jon Tester, with his $6 million in the bank, most from non-Montana sources, will fight hard.

Regarding Jon’s “nom” as a native Montanan, Rosendale noted out of 22 U.S. Senators from Montana, only five were born here. “No one can select where he is born, but I selected Montana to live.”

Another question from those present regarded the Environmental Protection Agency, E.P.A. Part of North Dakota’s success with the Bakken comes from North Dakota’s election to do its own Environmental Protection. The E.P.A. rakes in about $3 per barrel of oil, according to the questioner. Matt Rosendale noted there has been no new mining permit in Montana in 20 years. The E.P.A., with its Endangered Species Act, is now also affecting farmers and ranchers, who should have been in sympathy with those who’s energy, oil concerns etc., suffered.

Regarding the Water Compact, Matt and others fought hard against it. The Water Compact includes off-reservation rights and will be years in litigation. Matt reported a flow of less than 35 gallons per minute is exempted. It can still be modified at the federal and state level. The savings in State funding of $55 million which was to support the Compact, is an important step.

In reply to a question about his main priority, Matt answered, “Spending.” He said, any bill must be a single subject, not loaded down with other measures as is now the case.

President Marble then opened the business meeting.

National Day of Prayer will be May 3. There will be several events in Carbon County, including prayer at the court house in Red Lodge at noon. Contact Pat, 962-3383.

Contact for Carbon County Representative Berglee is 690-9329 and for Senator Howard is 690-1100. Senator Howard can be heard weekdays on KURL, 5:25 p.m., “Voice of Truth.”

CCRW will next meet May 2, 11 a.m., at Fort Rockvale, with guests, Carbon County Commissioner candidates.

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