City discusses changes to permit fees for City property

Alastair Baker
News Editor
Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Red Lodge City Council has altered various components of the Use of City Owned Property Permit. They have eliminated the $100 application review fee associated with it along with allowing a non-profit organization to replace the $100 per day fee with in-kind goods or services.  

The remaining fees will stay the same; $500 Application fee and a $100 fee if alcohol is being served or sold at an event. 

Further alterations also cover filing deadlines and one further requirement for permits. 

The deadline for filing a completed application shall be a minimum of 45 days in advance of the council meeting when it will be considered, but not more than 270 calendar days in advance of the event. In the event the applicant can show good cause to request a waiver from the 45-day submittal requirement, the council may waive and reduce said 45-day requirement.

Permit requirements now include the use of Pride Park or any sidewalk along Broadway Avenue between 5th street and 19th street other than by the adjacent property owner for the purpose of marketing their adjacent commercial business.

Example sited: A store can use the sidewalk right in front of them as long as they comply with the 5 feet ADA requirement without a permit, but someone can’t set up in front of the Well’s Fargo  Bank and use that for marketing without a  permit. They can with a permit.