Cooking Since COVID: Part 1

Eleanor Guerrero
CCN Senior Reporter
Thursday, March 25, 2021
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Above, left, Polish pretzels made the old fashioned way. Right, pork posole with cabbage, radish, onion and cilantro.

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What are people doing since COVID-19 has come to town? It seems there is a wide range of benefits and losses being cooped up in your apartment or house. Many have felt anxiety, stress and additional worry trying to make the adjustments to their work life, their families and daily routines. 

Many have become creative and taken on additional work in the community or as hobbies. One of the most savory pursuits is to begin or augment a creative cooking routine or to simply to try new dishes never thought about before. Carbon County has an amazing range of food available and people of surprisingly diverse backgrounds to contribute their recipes. I have to admit I am one of those people who started expanding her palette and her adventurous nature in cooking so I asked some locals to share their experiences making or testing new dishes during this trying time, adding new colors and flavors to their lives.


Gretchen Nolan shared, “I’ve been exploring my roots some. Mostly I look to see what’s in the fridge and google those ingredients-rather than buying the ingredients to make something specific. But the Krakow Bagel/Pretzel fascinated me so I baked some. Here’s a link to it (I very, very rarely bake. See

Here’s how mine turned out. Apparently this is Krakow street food. I sprinkled mine with kosher and Himalayan salt, black sesame seeds and minced dried onion. I’ve never eaten or seen one before. They turned out to be a sort of cross between a bagel and a pretzel and easy enough to make for this avowed non-baker. They even survived my high altitude manipulations which I started on a bit late in the preparation.

I think they are great while still warm after baking. Not so much reheated or cold. However totally worth making. Great to do with kids I’m sure."

Chelsea Emery made a pork posole. “Well we made a lot of bagels, tried gluten free sourdough with no luck. But mostly family recipes because we were feeling isolated. Ross lost both his parents at Christmas to covid so a lot of Mexican recipes to comfort him.” One of those was pork posole with cabbage, radish, onion and cilantro. Emery added, “We’ve been doing a lot of soups and stews. It’s a great way to use leftovers and stray ingredients we have on hand.” 


Colleen Kilbane shared that she had new culinary discoveries as well as having a big cooking project in the works. Regarding her own interest in new foods to make she said, ”I love Magnolia Table and The Lost Kitchen cookbooks!” As far as new dishes tried she replied, “Two! Fish tacos and chicken piccata! Those were great discoveries!” Although she is not ranging far and wide like she has earlier photographing dramatic moods and colors of the West’s canyonlands, she said there is plenty of food action going on at home due to COVID-19 taking a bite out of her travels. “But I am having a greenhouse built!” she said. That should bring a lot of fresh veggies. But to round out the meal she added, “And I’m using my smoker more!”

Let’s keep this Covid Cooking going! Are you making something new or getting a take-out you’d never tried before? Share your old and new favorites! Send us your stories and pix: