County Progressing on Budget

Eleanor Guerrero
CCN Senior Reporter
Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Carbon County Commissioners met at their office on Thursday, Aug. 8, to discuss further budget issues. “There is a shortage of $500,000,” explained, Angela Newell, Administrative Officer, quick to follow up that it was due to “everyone’s wish list” and roughly estimated expenditures for the draft budget. Figures are still preliminary.

The draft shows a shortage in revenue this year of $723,726 mainly due to less income in funds coming from PILT i.e. Payment in Lieu of Taxes ($1,093,722), Oil and Gas ($341,000), MIN Royalties i.e. mineral royalties ($136,000), and Ins Levies ($124,000). The county will look to cut approximately $561,028 from the proposed budget of $11,079,832. 

“We want to keep a current 29 percent reserve,” noted Newell, and that means “we need additional revenue.”

Some programs have requested increases. For example, the Community/Senior Programs requested a 4 percent increase this year or a total increase of $3036. Other areas being looked at are whether to add another clerk to the sheriff’s office, to lower purchased services by the county, possible capital outlay for Joliet buildings, less administrative repairs and maintenance and possibly lower mileage allowances. 

On Friday, Aug. 9, the county made some cuts taking some funds from many departments’ travel/meal estimates, such as $1450 from legislative services, to taking off $100,000 from proposed repairs and maintenance of the county building. Cuts were also made to transferring funds out to the capital improvement fund for future vehicles and in another example, $10,000 was taken off future seal coating at the airport. Other examples of cuts include $13,000 taken off data processing from the public safety fund and $11,000 deducted from new computers for that department. A total of $310,250 has been deducted so far from the proposed budget and the discussions and reviews are ongoing. The budget is expected to be finalized some time in September.