Criticism of Facts

Thursday, April 11, 2019

To the Editor:

As a long time visitor to Red Lodge I am well aware of Judith Gregory’s background in the economics of healthcare in our country. She spent years working in the field. In her letter Judith stated the details of Medicaid Expansion as they are, not as viewed through a political party prism. When a writer criticizes Judith’s facts by using dog whistle phrases such as “socialized medicine”, “big, centralized government,” and hints at the discredited fable of death panels one has to shake his/her head in exasperation. This comes from a person who has no problem demanding government intrusion in women’s health choices. That particular writer also suggests that Republican legislators have no right to vote in a fashion that serves their constituents, not the GOP party line. Without health insurance, Montanans are more likely to seek the wrong care, and at the wrong time and at the wrong place—with poorer outcomes and higher costs. The bottom line is that coverage is the keystone to improving the health of our residents, increasing the efficiency of our healthcare system and decreasing costs for consumers, businesses and the state.  Contact your State Senator today and tell them that Montana Medicaid works and we cannot afford to turn back the clock on the HELP Act. Urge them to work on a bipartisan solution to continue Medicaid Expansion. 




Cathy Mathias

Red Lodge family


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