Custer Gallatin working group update

By Eleanor Guerrero
Thursday, July 26, 2018

There is a group of people meeting regularly to form opinions and input on large issues affecting Carbon County and its residents. This is called the Custer Gallatin Working Group. They meet monthly in Bozeman to discuss issues such as the Forest Plan and funding for the National Forest.

The projects description states online: “Since its formation the CGWG has been engaged on several projects to assist the Forest Service with public outreach, planning and funding advocacy. Our largest effort will be long-term engagement on the Forest Plan Revision. Currently the priorities within the FPR project are focused on three areas of concern: Defining future desired conditions, Wild and Scenic Designation and Wilderness designations.”

Ongoing projects include “collaborating” on the FS project, North Hebgen Multiple Resource Project where ‘silvaculture’ or the growing of trees was presented by an expert; the Smith Shields Project located in the wildland urban interface identified by Park and Meagher County Community Protection Plans for reducing hazardous fuels. (It consists of lands suitable for timber management.) and the North Bridger Project. This includes work for the health of the forest.

The Chairman is John Prinkki. According to Carbon County Commissioner Bill Bullock, the former commissioner does not represent Carbon County.

The latest minutes, April, 2018, do not go into the actual discussion of issues.

They discussed the Forest Plan Revision. Virgina Kelley from the USFS gave an update that over 10,000 comments were received. The USFS is creating a cooperating agency with South Dakota Game and Fish and Wildife.

The Gallatin Forest Partnership was discussed. The Partnership agreement was discussed, with no specifics set forth in the minutes. Members were asked to consider possible involvement in the agreement. This was set up for further discussion in May.

It reports they covered attendance by Prinkki and three other members at the Environmental Analysis and Decision Making meeting in Missoula, (Eisen, Weimer and White also attended). The minutes merely state, “A lot of information was covered.” A report is supposed to follow that will be published. No report is currently published online.

The public may attend the meetings.

See for minutes and agendas. There is also a Facebook listing.