Daugherty gets 5 years for deception

By Eleanor Guerrero

Photo by Eleanor Guerrero

Daugherty appeared in Carbon County District Court to face sentencing for
deceptive practices.

Photo by Eleanor Guerrero

Bruce Ireland gave an emotional testimony against the deceptive practices of Daugherty who sold his truck.

Joseph Daugherty was sentenced on one count of deceptive practices, and will serve five years, with three years suspended. The sentence will run consecutively to a current Yellowstone County District Court sentence for robbery.

He was appearing before Judge Blair Jones in Carbon County District Court March 28.

Carbon County Attorney Alex Nixon had requested pursuant to the plea agreement that the sentence run concurrent to the Yellowstone County sentence but the judge did not agree.

The case involved the sale of a 2003 Chevy truck owned by Bruce Ireland. Joseph Daugherty sold the vehicle without Ireland’s consent to Tyson and Anelise Deter. As buyers in the ordinary course of business, they had accepted the notarized bill of sale in good faith of Daugherty’s story that he was selling the vehicle for Ireland who was very ill. As innocent purchasers, the court permitted them to keep the vehicle.

According to the Deters, Daugherty used a fake name, John Jacobs, when he made the arrangement to sell the vehicle.

In a statement they filed through their attorney, the Deters stated they were also victims but felt like defendants after Carbon County Deputy Chad Glick allegedly threatened to break down the door to their house if they did not relinquish the vehicle.

When the truck was taken, Tyson felt “humiliated” as if their vehicle was being repossessed by the authorities in front of their neighbors.

Deter said he now questions who people are when he meets them, having lost trust in people.

Before the sentencing occurred, testimony was taken from Ireland who said that he underwent multiple brain surgeries over the last year, and he can’t pay the insurance.

“Besides the loss of my truck and money, I’ve lost the ability to trust other people to a certain degree." He said he was out $5,539 for the loss of his truck, truck insurance and a loan he had also made to Daugherty.

Tyson testified that his wife, Anelise, was pregnant at the time they were allegedly threatened with their door being broken in “which caused a lot of stress.”

Deter said, “We thought it was a proper sale, as did the DMV.”

Daugherty said, “I have never been more remorseful in my entire life, not only because of what I did, but because I did wrong to my friend. I lost my home, my family, my career and my best friend.”

Daugherty apologized to Ireland.

In addition to the sentencing, the defendant must comply with any applicable terms and conditions.

Daugherty must pay $5,500 in restitution to Bruce and Virginia Ireland. This amount included a fine of $1,000 previously ordered to be paid to the court but was redirected by the judge to be paid directly to the Irelands. The $80 surcharge will still apply.

Daugherty asked the court earlier if he could pay everything he owed to Ireland in lieu of a prison sentence, but the judge refused the request.

Judge Jones informed the defendant that if all restitution and fines are paid off early, he believes there is a provision for the defendant to come back to court to ask for some of the time to be suspended.

He added, “That depends upon your good behavior. The court is not inclined to do that unless these people are made whole.”


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