Dems are fighting for Montanans

Eleanor Guerrero
CCN Senior Reporter
Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Photo by Eleanor Guerrero
Monica Lindeen, the Montana Democratic Party Executive Director, came to Red Lodge this week to listen to local issues.

Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Monica Lindeen spoke at a packed Democratic luncheon on Tuesday, March 19, at Carbon Fork in Red Lodge. 

“Democrats are focused on things that matter to hardworking Montanans,” said Lindeen. “Montana Democrats love this state. They love their community, their children and grandchildren. We are supportive of issues that help most Montana families and communities in this state. She said, “Medicaid Expansion is one of the ways to do that and for rural hospitals to stay open.”

The party knows “the importance of Medicaid expansion to keep health care for Montanans and to keep rural hospitals open; to build infrastructure which will create jobs, and to provide education funding.”

She added, “Montanans know the importance of education.” There was some discussion of property tax bills that went up due to legislative cuts to education.

“Medicaid expansion affected about 100,000 Montanans positively,” said Lindeen. “It affects our rural hospitals as well. If we don’t reauthorize Medicaid Expansion, thousands will lose coverage and some of our rural hospitals will close. It’s so important for people to know this.” A bill is currently being considered that would instead change the coverage possibly losing thousands who are currently covered. (A March 14, study by George Washington Univ. also found that up to 56,000 of the 95,000 Montanans covered could lose coverage.)  Lindeen thinks it’s fine as passed. “It’s already been debated,” she said.

“We work incredibly hard to promote education for our children and grandchildren, to provide infrastructure to help businesses and manufacturing and we are working hard for people to have access to affordable health care.”

She noted, “We see a lot of opportunity in 2020 election cycle to recruit and put forth great candidates out for this election cycle.”