Discriminatory Message

To the Editor,

An NDR is an NDO minus the power to fine those who go against the proclamation. There are dozens, maybe hundreds of cases where Christians have been fined out of their businesses for refusing to act against their religious conscience to serve a same sex wedding.
Contrary to the commonly held notion that this is the same thing as when people used religious conscience as a reason to discriminate against blacks, Native Americans, women, etc., marriage is a moral act, one clearly defined biblically, a beautiful gift from God.
Where else do two opposites become one? Where else are we given the power to create new life?
These are very powerful distinctions that are unique to the male female union, and if one believes this to be the only definition of marriage and that to violate this means a grave insult to God, then one has the right, stated in our Declaration of Independence (which states our rights are given by God and not by government), to refuse to act against their religious conscience.
An NDO attempts to give government the power which belongs to God alone, and works to punish Christians who do not agree. There are no Muslims being punished for their beliefs though they, too, believe marriage is between a man and a woman—sometimes lots of women. The reason being, the ACLU is targeting Christians—not Muslims—to rid our society of all things Christian, which is the heritage our country was founded upon. They have been part of this NDR in Red Lodge and we have fallen prey to their organized, anti-Christian agenda.
Another group the NDR vows to protect are transgender people, asking that society risk our safety and privacy by allowing those who question their gender to use the locker room of their choice, leaving the rest of the population (women in particular) questioning their recourse should a male enter their locker room and proceed to leer, or worse.
Transgender people have a high suicide rate (46 percent) and after undergoing the process of hormones and /or surgery to attempt to change their sex, the rate remains high (45 percent).
We are seeing an alarming trend in sex changes now being done on children. In 95 percent of the cases of children questioning their gender, they simply grow out of it.
So why this trend?
The transgender movement is not based on science, but on an ideology; one that does not seem to be truly advocating for the health of these people, but one that demands the rest of the population surrender deeply held beliefs in our right to privacy and safety in public restrooms and locker rooms. Again, we are seeing government tell us our rights come from government, not God.
This NDR claims to send a message of safety to all. It is in fact doing the opposite. It may give LGBT’s a sense of safety but a message that places the rights of one group above another’s, is in fact, discriminatory.

Cynthia Marble
Red Lodge


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