By Eleanor Guerrero CCN Senior Reporter Last-ditch attempts in the Legislature to keep SB331 terms alive have failed. Another bill that did pass provides for much less in general but gives much more bonding security for consumers in a community such as C

Thursday, May 9, 2019

City Court


Graven, Josh, Speeding, Fine $30; Fail to carry insurance, Fine $500;

Craven, William, Criminal trespass to property, Fine $500;

Wilder, Sheyanne, Careless driving, Fine $50;

Brey, Jordan, Fail to vehicle equipped with tail lamps, Fine $10; Criminal possession of drug paraphernalia, Fine $500;

Brey, Jordan, Criminal possession of dangerous drugs, marijuana (1st), Fine $500;

Echols-Bells, Marni, Speeding, Fine $20;

Erickson, Justin, Speeding, Fine $40;

Graven, Josh, Driving while suspended, Fine $350 (1st); Fail to carry proof of insurance, Fine $500;

Craig, Matthew, Speeding, Fine $20;

Kennedy, James, No motorcycle endorsement, Fine $50; Fail to have DL in possession, Fine $60;

Wilken, Madison, Speeding, Fine $30;

Pierce, Mallary, Speeding, Fine $30;

Peeples, Laura, Speeding, Fine $20;

Beckett, David, Stop sign violation, Fine $50.


Justice Court

Cook, Ariya, Seatbelt violation, Fine $20;

Saliba, Randal, Seatbelt violation, Fine $20;

Sticka, Tina, Seatbelt violation, Fine $20.


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