Freak storm scythes through Bridger

Alastair Baker
News Editor
Thursday, August 1, 2019
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Photo by Robin Smith
Along South 2nd Street and Pryor Ave. this fir tree along with two others at two different locations lay fallen after the storm.

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Photo by Alastair Baker
(Above) Don and Kim DeVincent and the tree limb that danced across their roof.

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Photo by Robin Smith
RIght) This camper at 4th Street and West Sunnyside felt the after effects of the storm.

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Photo by Alastair Baker
The DeVincent’s pathway at South 4th Street and West Carbon Street after two older trees fell to the wind and pushed up the concrete.

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As another summer’s day appeared to be settling down for the evening over Bridger and people’s thoughts were turning to dinner or maybe a walk, Mother Nature had other plans. Within a Jekyll and Hyde blink the day changed personality and turned into a rollercoaster of a windstorm.  

Within 15-20 minutes a number of decades old fir trees along South 2nd Street and South 4th Street found themselves punched out as if from the right glove of Cassius Clay. 

The next day found Don and Kim DeVincent clearing up debris from their back yard at their house on the corner of South 4th Street and West Carbon Street. 

A limb from a tree had been torn loose and had bounced across their roof to fall by the other side of their house. Ironically they’d recently removed several limbs from this tree. They weren’t sure if their newly restored roof, damaged from a 2018 hailstorm, had sustained any more dents. 

And they’d just finished painting their house.

“I think it was closer to a tornado because it skipped around,” said Don. “It seemed like that.” 

“It had a good time with my cornfield but missed my roses,” said Kim. 

The wind also whipped over their glass topped garden table, shattering it in the process.  Kim even commented that the swing chair swung away with no one in it. 

Leading to their home a pathway had been uprooted by two trees, themselves uprooted by the wind.

“All the neighbors around here heard that stuff hitting the ground and no one knew what it was,” he said.

The DeVincents remained lighthearted about the whole affair.

“We’re used to this. We lived in Florida. That year there were four hurricanes and we went through all four of those. The first one was the worse, there wasn’t much to do after that,” joked Don. 

As to an explanation of this torrid unwelcomed visitor, Don believes the alley behind their house provides the impetus.

“The winds down this alley, we get high winds, right down this path. I don’t know if it comes down from the Rims,” he said.

After it was all over they saw a double rainbow outside but stayed inside just “amazed” by what they were seeing. 








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