Friends of East Rosebud honored by Gianforte

Alastair Baker
News Editor
Wednesday, June 5, 2019
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Photo by Alastair Baker
At the presentation of a copy of the East Rosebud Wild Scenic Act, left to right, Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte, Leslie Ziegler, who manages Friends of the East Rosebud, Carbon County Commissioner Bill Bullock, Frank Annighofer, PhD, Vice-President Friends of East Rosebud and Mary Ellen Magnus.

By Alastair Baker

News Editor


Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte presented a framed copy of the East Rosebud Wild Scenic Act, signed by President Donald Trump, to the Friends of East Rosebud and Carbon County Commissioner Bill Bullock last Friday. 

The presentation took place at the Grizzly Bar, Roscoe. 

The Friends of East Rosebud have fought long and hard to protect the scenic wonders of the area from developers and finally won their battle last year with the help of Gianforte. 

At the brief ceremony last week, Gianforte said it was “Important to celebrate success.”

He praised the work of the Friends of East Rosebud, turning to Frank Annighofer, Vice-President  Friends of East Rosebud, Leslie Ziegler, who manages the group and supporter Mary Ellen Magnus.

“It is really from your leadership and advocating for East Rosebud Creek that we are at this point today. It is a joy to be your voice back in Washington and working together we got this done for Carbon County,” said Gianforte. “I appreciate you being here.”

“From my perspective, public lands are so important to us, to Montana. There are three principles I always follow; we need to keep public lands in public hands; working to improve access to those lands for all Montanans; and local input is critical. When the Friends of East Rosebud came forward and spoke with one voice, it was very, very easy to get behind your cause and advocate on your behalf,” said Gianforte.

“This is my first bill signed by President Trump. And East Rosebud Creek is protected forever,” added Gianforte. 

“This was a tremendous experience visiting the offices (in Washington) and we learned a lot about American politics and how the system works,” commented Annighofer. “It is amazing that two common people from way out in Montana wrote to Washington, we had to go a couple of times, and get the President to sign something. It just shows our Democracy works and it is a blessing everyone is listened to. If you have something to say, just say it. There is always a good chance you will get through.” 

Commissioners Bullock reiterated the sentiments.

“It means a lot to Montana. This is huge for public access. This valley is one of the crown jewels and a source of great pride for Carbon County. We are very proud to be able to call it ours. It is in my rural district. It’s not easy to access but being able to get these folks good access to their home and the greater public to get access to our National Forests lands you can’t express it enough,” he said. 

After the ceremony Gianforte, “It is nice to get the ball in the end zone, this is so important to the local community, to preserve this valley in perpetuity.”

“Raising our kids here, we spend a lot of time in the backcountry and these areas are incredibly precious for us,” said Gianforte.

“The fear was maybe a dam would be placed and the character of the valley would be completely changed. This preserves the East Rosebud Creek in its pristine conditions for generations to come and I was proud to work with the Friends of East Rosebud and get it done back into Washington,” he said. 

Gianforte also commented on the governorship race, saying he is “seriously considering” to run for the post.

“People are giving me input and I would like to continue to serve the State of Montana in a capacity where I could do the most good for the most folks. A final decision to be made in the next few weeks,” said Gianforte.