Happel calls for Republicans to strengthen their message

Stronger leadership, a more secure policy platform and a committed move to include constitutional conservatives were the rallying cries from Republican State Party Chairman candidate, Dan Happel of Madison County at last weekend’s Lincoln/Reagan Dinner. Happel spoke before 60 Republican supporters at the Red Lodge Elk’s Club with a committed promise to bring together the “fragmented Montana GOP” while “strengthening the Conservative message that Montanan’s want to hear.” “Voters want leaders who will say no to the redistribution polices of progressive socialism and stand firm after they are elected,” he said. Happel accused the present party’s “lack of positive vision for a future” for “eroding” the party’s support base. “We must demonstrate a brighter future by ending the selfish habits of the ‘Me generation’ and reduce the deficit in a meaningful way and reverse the wealth exodus from the state,” he said. Montana has fallen from 6th place to 49th per capital incomes in the last 50 years and he blamed “environmentalism and regulations” for replacing "conservation and common sense." Happel wants the GOP to put its polices back as the mainframe to its backbone and put an end to Republican legislators voting with Democrats. “The platform is a statement of who we are as determined by you, our members.

This vision must embrace our right of association and our ability to determine our membership by endorsing closed primary elections. Through this we will regain the trust of our base and expand our voter support by acting with consistency and allegiance to their Conservative expectations,” Happel said. He also called for an inclusive policy towards constitutional conservatives, The Tea Party and the Libertines. “They are an informed and energetic and growing segment of Montana voters. We’ve been excluded for a long time. And it is time to bring that element in to the party,” he said. Happel said he is “convinced the National and State GOP are making serious attacks on the state when they abandon the Conservative message in attempts to lure fiscal and social liberals, or progressives, to vote Republican.” “We should never join the ranks of Liberal Democrats in making the hollow promises of a progressive socialist utopia that doesn’t and cannot exist,” he said. “We must never make promises that can’t be kept without destroying the future of our children and grandchildren. Margaret Thatcher famously said, ‘The problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people’s money.’” “Past supporters no longer support us because they cannot distinguish us from our opponents,” Happel added. “We are riding a Republican groundswell because of Obama’s administration that has destroyed public confidence with its Marxist Socialist message and Americans understand they want to stop that as soon as possible. Unless Republicans show a backbone voters expect, that groundswell will be a fleeting thing. We need leaders with guts, not guile,” said Happel. Happel finished his speech stressing the party’s commitment to the future of Montana in it’s youth and to developing better communications between the central committees both in state and out of state with improved social media.

“Young people are attracted by this, and we need to organize and energize all the central committees, create updated contact information and develop an improved calendar of events. A grass roots fundraisers with a message of liberty and not politics,” he said. The audience heard messages from Sen. Steve Daines and Ryan Zinke via field representatives along with comments from State Sen. David Howard and Seth Berglee. Howard attacked the state of the budget. “We are $4 billion in debt in Montana, we have a $10 billion budget. $4.1 billion comes from the Federal government that owes $18 trillion. We are in real good shape, right? No, we are not.

What is it going to take to turn this around?” said Howard. He paraphrased Winston Churchill’s war time speech, ‘we’ll fight them in the streets, fight them in the valleys, fight them on the shores, fight them every place and never give up’. “That’s what we've got to do. It is a battle out there, and not a lot of fun. I’m glad they don’t issue us baseball bats,” he said. “Every person we can get to vote is a plus. In this state almost 100,000 people don’t vote. Believe it or not, there are over 40,000 Christians that aren’t voting. Most of the people who vote don’t wake up until two days before an election, so we have to do a better job of educating them,” said Howard.

“We cannot get any thing out of Helena in the press that is adverse to this governor. He is worse, or as my grand daughter would say ‘he’s worser than Schweitzer.’ He is absolutely terrible. We need to tell people what is going on,” he said.

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