Local man harks for the old days and ways
Dana Zier and  Hunter “Hawk” Peffers
Special to The News
Thursday, February 7, 2019
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Many people from Laramie to Billings have been surprised lately to see a young man, very much like Daniel Boone, walking the streets, highway, and mountainsides near Fromberg and Bridger – and it is not Fromberg Days or Jim Bridger Days!  They may have even had the pleasure to speak to “Hawk”, or hire him to get rid of a raccoon!

Hunter “Hawk” Peffers’ Indian name is ‘C,eta’a’ – meaning “hunter and hawk”. Hawk is Irish and Saponi Sioux. He is a man who lives with the land, hunting fishing, and trapping.

Until the age of 19, Hunter lived in Ohio. He was always outside.  Around age 6 or so, he was fishing and making experimental firing devices. He made a miniature canon out of an empty gun shell on the wheelbase from a Hotwheels car and a Jenga block. He aimed at his mother’s couch. The little cannon fired a little shot, and the bb would bounce off the pillow.   

He continued building firing devices and learning gunsmithing throughout his childhood. He even found a black-powder rifle in the woods that bears had demolished. 

Hawk took the 50cal. gun rebuilt it from hardware parts and broken pieces and still carries it to this day. He camped and learned survival skills from a perpetual woodsman named River, who lived in the woods.  Hawk learned traditional hide tanning, wild game cooking, and leather sewing. The clothes he wears were all handmade. His favorite foods are baked coon, elk and squirrel.

In his teenage years, his grandmother, father, and brother all passed away within 3 months of each other. After this, he dedicated himself to learning the mountain man life, set out on his own, and moved to Wyoming. Hawk worked at restaurants, butcher shops, and ranches to survive civilization, taking the skills he honed.

Hawk has many skills learning from the land about how the earth works, and he works with the earth to live.  He has had more experience in gunsmithing, trapping, traditional leather tanning, leather working and sewing, building, blacksmithing, butchering, sustainable farming, and wild game cheffery, than many people get in a lifetime. These skills are what drive Hawk.

His skills are many of our old-time western ancestors had and practiced. He is a companionable, law-abiding, gentle fellow, who will do practically any odd job that is needed. He wants to earn money to get riding and a pack horse and get back to the mountains.

If you see Hawk in his hand-sewn leather clothes, say “Hi” – and better yet, offer him a job!

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