Homeopathy. It Works for Me.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

So many treats, so little time!

Acid Reflux is just too real some days, or nights!  Sometimes it can be silent. I did not know I had it until a dentist identified damage to my back molars! It progressed to nightly pain, or waking me up with coughing caused by reflux.

My physician recommended a medicine, to be taken no longer than 2 months. It worked great, except the acid reflux was not cured in 2 months. The symptoms returned and food became a problem! Iris Versicolor is the homeopathic remedy for Acid Reflux. I took it twice daily, then once daily as my symptoms disappeared! Now I use it only occasionally if I eat foods that cause irritation.

Simple. Safe. Inexpensive. Effective!


Karen Clayson is retired from public health nursing and the University of Wyoming as an Associate Professor of Community Health Nursing. She has used homeopathic medicines for 26 years as a wife, mother and now a grandmother, and is sharing her personal stories about homeopathy through this series.


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