Joliet Council minutes

In Public Comment Hope Freeman presented Council with the codified ordinances. She commended the Ordinance Committee that worked hard the last two years in order to make sure the ordinances were up to date.
Charles Ringer advised that the sign is up at the park and the speed signs were installed. He is looking into possibly getting a third sign for the school area. A trailer would have to be made for this sign since it won’t have to be on Highway 212. Sherry Munoz personally thanked Ringer for all of the work he has done for the Town of Joliet.
In Mayor/Council reports Mayor Gary Gray mentioned that he has noticed the work being carried out by Dale Limberhand clearing weeds and doing town maintenance.
Gray brought up painting of Town Hall. He asked Charlie Buechler if we could power wash the building to get the old paint off. Buechler said that it would work and the town does have a power washer. They will need to watch the weather to see if it could be done this fall or if it will have to wait until spring.
Mayor Gray went to the 4-H Open House and was impressed with the operation.
Sherry Munoz said the Ordinance Committee will continue to meet to discuss ordinances.
Marla Moody thanked Buechler for filling in the holes on Madison.
She wants to find the PERS that KLJ did for water and sewer. Buechler stated that he would ask Doug Whitney and Freeman said she would look through the paperwork that Whitney had given her to see if she had them.
Sheriff’s Office Reports Deputy Bob Reed gave a report of law enforcement services in the Town of Joliet. The Sheriff’s Office has had 58 calls for service in Joliet from Aug.18 to Sept. 18. Reed also mentioned that the roof is leaking all over the tools at the Town Shop and said it needs replaced. He was informed that Council had already approved a new roof for the Town Shop.
Employee Reports:
Public Works Director Buechler said the scales for the chlorine cylinders at the pump houses are in.
He told the Council the City’s Encroachment fee is way too low. The clerk will do some research to see what other towns are charging.
The sewer is doing well at this time and all the numbers are in compliance.
Clerk/Treasurer Amber Foechterle said the Republic has contacted the town to see if the residents can go with other companies other than Mackenzie for garbage and recycle collection. Per Council and the attorney, Joliet are under contract with Mackenzie and Republic can’t offer their services in the Town of Joliet.
In New Business
a) Joliet Public Library – Library Director Deb Hronek gave a library report to Council. She also thanked council for transferring $2,000 from the budget to the library budget without the library having to request it. Hronek will be retiring at the end of September and Alyson Green was introduced as the new director.
Zoning – 404 Stone Alley – McIntyre – The zoning commission entered a recommendation to approve the zoning application. Emily Ringer entered a motion to approve the application. Sherry Munoz second. All in favor. Application approved.
c) Resolution 315-256 – Hope Freeman Reappointment: Ira Preshinger entered a motion to adopt the resolution. Sherry Munoz second. All in favor. Resolution adopted.
Police Training Budget Discussion on Code Enforcement – Discussion about
using the funds in the police training budget for a code enforcer to start enforcing Town Code. Much discussion about dogs in the Town of Joliet and complaints of dogs at large. Town Code states that there can be only two dogs per household yet some residence have more than that. Hope Freeman stated that the Ordinance Committee could work together to change what needs to be changed. Clerk will get input from other towns on how they deal with code violations and how they determine what violations are being made.
e) Full Time Employee Discussion – Mayor Gray would like Buechler to write a job description for a full time water/sewer employee. Clerk will get copies of job descriptions from other towns.
Public Comment:
Doug Whitney gave a report on the open house for the 4-H members. All went
well and a lot of people attended.
Lena Witcher asked Council if the Christian Church could erect a new sign.
Discussion on placement and whether property is commercial or residential. According to the new zoning map, the property is considered Residential B. Gary Gray approved the new sign.



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