Joliet Council Minutes

Items taken from last months Joliet Council meeting

Public Comment:
a. Scott Blain introduced himself to Council as the new County Commissioner for the Joliet area. He has talked with Mayor Gary Gray about the concerns of the condition of Carbon and State Streets. Blain did not see anywhere in past commissioner meeting minutes about (the Late) John Grewell working on a solution. Blain assured Council that there should be no reason why the County can’t come up with an interlocal agreement to help with the road problems.
Mayor/Council Reports:
Sherry Munoz: The Ordinance Committee is looking at the Dog and Cat ordinance to make changes on registration fees, etc.
Emily Ringer: Was also at the ordinance meeting referencing dogs and cats.
Marla Moody:
Most of the streets are in bad shape again due to the weather. There is a residence on Joni lane that has several vehicles with no license plates.

Sheriff’s Office Reports:
Sheriff Josh McQuillan gave a report of law enforcement services in the Town of Joliet. There were a total of 66 hours from Nov. 1 –Nov. 19 that were mostly minor calls. Sheriff McQuillan also advised Council that he will help with getting some information on other cat and dog ordinances in the area.
Employee Reports:
a. Public Works Director Charles Buechler: Charles Buechler gave a report of water and sewer usage in the Town.
The parts are on order for the State street pump house. The pump control valve will take up the whole budget if the City purchase it so Buechler is going to try and rebuild it. According to him, we should be able to get by with the one the City has for awhile.

The meter pit for the new mobile home at 105 S Park was run over by the transporting company. The Town fixed it and a bill for parts and labor was sent to the owners.
Sewer is still doing well.

Tom Kohley with DES has a quote for the electrical part of installing the new emergency siren. It is strongly advised that the Town pay for an upgrade.

Pictures of the alley on the east side of the Catholic Church. A lot will have to be done to make the alley usable.

Dale Limberhand is grading streets when he can.
vii. Charlie has requested to take a few days off in the near future.
b. Clerk/TreasurerAmberFoechterle:
HB 473 was passed and it provides for a graduated increase in the motor fuel tax by fiscal year 2023. There are several steps the clerk will have to take to receive the extra funding and the funds will not be available until March of 2018. These funds can only be used for streets and they will have to be used by a certain date. Mayor Gray and the clerk think that these funds may help us with alley maintenance. The Town of Joliet is looking at about $4500 in 2018; however we will have to do a match of almost $300. The clerk will begin the request for the distribution of funds, along with a budget amendment in January of 2018.

Three of the six shut off notices have been paid. The remaining three will be shut off in the next few days.

Will advertise for a new Council Person for January.
12. New Business:
a. Zoning Commission Appointment –
Emily Ringer entered a motion to appoint Harley Sorrells to the Zoning Commission Motion passed.
b. Snow Removal Discussion –
Mayor Gray has had people asking about snow removal on Main Street. He would like to have a plan put together before the snow really hits for the winter. Much discussion about where and how to move snow if there is a lot that accumulates. Sheriff McQuillan states that the Sheriff’s Office will help if cars need to be moved from Main Street in order to plow snow. Mayor Gray stated that he would work on putting something together for snow removal.
c. Code Enforcement Job Description Discussion – Town Attorney Hope Freeman thinks that the Town should rethink hiring someone for a Code Enforcement position since the Sheriff is willing to help with Animal and Junk Ordinances. Hope and the Sheriff will sit down and put down a procedure for what is needed for Joliet. Hope Freeman also stated that she will look at the Junk Ordinance to see what needs to be done.
d. PublicWorksAssistantJobDescriptionDiscussion–Theclerklocatedoldjob descriptions and Charlie will go through them to make a new job description. The position will not be advertised until after the New Year.
13. Correspondence: WBI Energy Transmission informing Mayor and Council where gas lines are located in the area.


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