Joliet Council Minutes

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Public Comment: 

*Lena Witcher stated that since she was on the council in 1988, 1989 and 1990 that nothing has been done with the roads in Joliet. She asked what the gas tax money has gone to in years past. She was informed that the Town of Joliet only receives an estimated $12,000 a year for roads and streets and that money goes to some repairs, some salaries, equipment, and snow removal supplies such as sand. The Clerk also informed her that the Town is receiving an estimated 9,000 a year for the next four years from a special gas tax fund. The entire amount of that money is going to repairing roads in the Town of Joliet. The Clerk stated that Lena was more than welcome to attend the budget hearings when they take place to see where money goes. Budget Hearings are open to the public. 

*John Francis asked about a supposed artesian well on the Braten property that the Town is not using. Mayor Gray stated that he had asked Paul Steinmetz about this well and he knew nothing about it. 

*John Francis has put in a complaint to Carbon County Commissioner Scott Blain about the County maintenance employees speeding down Carbon. He states that there are little kids that play there and he doesn’t want them to get hit. Much discussion about the speed limit in Town that is 25mph unless posted. 

*John Francis wants a letter sent to the Commissioners about them taking care of maintenance on Main Street. He states that the heavy truck traffic from the County has caused the issues. 

*Mike Rouane requested that the Town grade Madison Avenue. Charlie Buechler stated that Dale Limberhand has been grading some of the streets and he will have him do Madison. Lena Witcher requested that gravel be put down on the sides of North Park. 

Sheriff’s Office Reports: 

*Sheriff Josh McQuillan gave a report of calls for service in Joliet. From June 1- 17, they have logged 46 hours in Joliet. 

8. Employee Reports: 

a. Fire Chief: 

Melvin Hoferer gave a report of fire calls in the area. He stated that the fire department has been busier than normal with eight call outs in two weeks. 

b. Public Works: 

Charles Buechler gave report of water usage in the Town of Joliet. 1,420,200 gallons for the month, 45812.9 gallons per day, 390.4 GPM for three wells. The pumps ran just under two hours a day. 

i. Sewer is doing okay but not where it needs to be as we are still fighting the aerators. 

ii.There has been some flooding on the south side of the dykes and there is nothing to be done at this time. We will be having a meeting with Tom Kohley with county DES to see what funds and permits are available. 

iii.We had a sewer service needing some heavy duty cleaning in a trailer just east of Town Hall. A stick was fished out of the manhole that someone had put in there. It was causing some of the backup. 

iv.There have been complaints about N Park road. Pace Construction will be  coming in to make sure the sewer line hasn’t collapsed before doing any repairs on the road. 

Clerk/Treasurer Amber Foechterle: 

The Clerk will be attending the Hazard Mitigation meetings. This will ensure that the Town has a chance to be available for FEMA and 

Homeland Security grants in the future. 

Front steps are complete and look great. We are still waiting on a bid for a screen door and door. 

Clerk received an email from the Superintendant at Joliet School. She stated that Youth Council was introduced to them and they will start work 

on it when they return to school in the fall. 

A ‘Dead End’ sign was requested towards the end of Carbon. It is not a 

through street. 

Town of Joliet facebook page had a complaint about turkeys in town. 

Sheriff McQuillan said there is not a thing that we can do about it. 

13. New Business: 

Carbon County Commissioners – County Jail Discussion: Commissioner Scott 

Blain advised Council that talks have begun about a possible jail being built in the County. He wanted to talk with Joliet since we are getting started with our water project and he feels that the Joliet area could be a good place for it to be. Some discussion on property available, benefits and impacts to the area, and size of the facility. The clerk will contact Triple Tree to let them know what was discussed and try to get a meeting set up to go over it. 

Open House Discussion: Mayor Gray asked council if they wanted to do another open house. After some discussion it was decided that we would have one. Clerk requested that a budget hearing be set that same morning before the open house. Budget meeting set for 9 a.m. on Aug. 10. Open House scheduled for same day from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. 

Movie in the Park: It was suggested that the Town have a movie in the park occasionally during the summers. Bonnie Gray, who is a library trustee, said that the library has a permit that allows the library to show movies to the public as long as there is no charge. Mrs. Gray also said that she knows of a screen we could use. The Clerk and Bonnie Gray will get together before next meeting to discuss it. 

14. Correspondence:

a. Request for Road Repair: A letter was sent in to council requesting road repairs in the alley behind North First. This was addressed earlier in the meeting and Pace will be checking out the sewer lines at a later date before any work on the road is done. 

b. Library Salary and Budget: Library sent over their preliminary budget. 

15. Public Comment:

a. John Francis mentioned a letter to the county about Main Street repairs.

b. Lena Witcher stated that there are free lunches Monday and Wednesday at the park. 


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